You're a Java developer and you aim to quickly spin up and host a REST API.
  1. Add implements Jsonable to your Java model class(es)
  2. Extend JsonRestService to create your service


Everything in Limberest exists to help you build a service API. Bring your own model, persistence, UI and container. Limberest is not trying to be a platform. Dependencies are scant.

Yet Limberest has everything you need to get up and running quickly. Read through the documentation, or jump straight to the fully-baked implementation in limberest-demo.


Limberest can be deployed in a variety of ways; from a straight-up jar dependency in a webapp destined for Tomcat or Jetty, to a Spring Boot dependency in your self-contained executable jar.

While Limberest is naturally geared to channel you toward a hypermedia constrained approach, your services can adopt whatever pattern makes sense to you. You exercise low-level control by implementing the HTTP method verbs directly.


REST is meant to be simple and cohesive. Why introduce a framework that makes it complicated? You'll be amazed at how little implementation it takes to expose a service with Limberest.

Simplicity is especially apparent in Limberest's approach to JSON object binding. To override the defaults you don't need to inject any convoluted mapping mechanism; rather you'll employ an intuitive object inheritance pattern.